Innovation in Surgical Education.

Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) provides great benefits to patients by reducing tissue trauma, wound complications and scarring as compared to open surgery. However, MIS challenges surgeons as they must cope with an indirect camera view of the operating field on an external monitor and the difficult handling of long instruments inside the abdomen. Since instructing surgeons are unable to physically or visually guide learning surgeons, they must verbally communicate their interpretations of the patient’s anatomy. Thus, communication errors arise, compromising patient safety.

Our product iSurgeon enables surgeons to visually communicate ideas in a clear and intuitive way through gesture based guidance. Using augmented reality, the iSurgeon opens new opportunities solving concrete shortcomings of current clinical training. iSurgeon improves communication between surgeons in surgical training. iSurgeon leads to reduced operating room times, cost savings for the hospital and improved patient safety.